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We bring together Caribbean owners of startups and scaleups, angel investors and alumni of RevUP to provide business incubation services, including investment readiness, management training and mentorships, engaging in collaborative activities that share our collective insights and experiences, build strong connections and create a supportive community focused on personal and business growth.

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RevUP’s mission is to increase the successful development of emerging businesses in sectors that are supported by the Caribbean’s areas of opportunity. The businesses that graduate from RevUP’s incubator and training programmes are expected to contribute to the overall vitality, diversity, and growth of the region’s economies.  RevUP provides an environment that allows for an active role in growing businesses that lead to job creation. These businesses and the jobs they produce create wealth – through multiplier effects and tax generation – that will ultimately benefit countries in the region beyond the individuals directly employed by incubator businesses and graduates.

This incubator serves as a hub for early and growth stage companies and provides for the value-added services required to support clients’ success.

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