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RevUP has established partnerships with local and overseas entities that have a focus on supporting startups and early stage companies.

Our partnership with the FirstAngelsJA Network facilitates direct access to patient, SMART capital provided by Angel Investor members of the Network.

The DBJ, currently the only development financing organization in Jamaica, is committed to Jamaican entrepreneurs in the productive sectors and at all stages of development. While the DBJ provides funding and technical assistance to large projects, it has expanded and improved its assistance to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) which are widely recognized as the engine of economic growth and development, especially in small economies.

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited sponsors its SME clients to participate in RevUP’s ScaleUP training programme. Additionally, NCB offers “perks” to qualified incubator clients, such as loans, credit cards, website templates and payment buttons.

World Business Angels Investment Forum provides a pool of trained and certified international mentors and provide its virtual platform for match making between Founders and Mentors and meetings between them.

With over 600 High Commissioners and Senators from over 127 countries as members, 30 or more global mentors assigned to each Founder, and a digital platform connecting global entrepreneurs to potential buyers, Caribbean entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to access global markets and global financing through our partnership with the WBAF.

INFOSERV Learning Management System Limited is a professional information technology company that provides cutting edge application solutions, delivered to meet evolving business challenges. One of its products is Extended DISC®, the world’s most advanced online psychometric system. INFOSERV allows coaches to administer DISC Assessments for Recruitment, Leadership, Team, Sales Competence, Open 360s, Surveys, and Reasoning Analyses all from one system.

Future Skills Consultants is a consulting firm that conducts assessments and delivers targeted coaching and training services to business owners and their teams in order to strengthen mission critical skills.

Member organizations of the Caribbean Alternative Investment Association – for access to VC funds and other alternative financing.

Intcomex is the leading platform of value-added solutions and technology products in Latin America and the Caribbean.

EPIC is a leadership and business transformation company that builds capacity and capability for MSMEs and large multi-national organizations through training and consultation in strategy, conscious leadership and digital transformation.

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