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“I’m a lot more responsible with investors’ money than with my own money.”

My great friend, the entrepreneur and billionaire Michael Lee-Chin joined us for our first podcast episode to give as much value as possible, and dare I say, he over delivered.

He went in-depth, providing specific context into most of the business frameworks he’s known for, then ended with a new gem, that’s both easy to implement and immensely transformative.

So you’ll be hearing new approaches to strategies he’s shared before, plus nuggets that he has not shared before that young entrepreneurs can directly benefit from as well as Mike’s answers to questions from a variety of industries, from fellow entrepreneurs like yourself.

In this episode, we’ll talk about the laws of wealth creation and the characteristics of profitable businesses, how to gain access to and build rapport with successful people – even if you’re unknown, how to identify business opportunities worth your time and effort, and so much more!

Enjoy the episode!

About Michael Lee-Chin

Michael Lee-Chin, President and Chairman of Portland Holdings, is widely regarded as a visionary entrepreneur, whose philosophy of “doing well and doing good”, has resulted in extraordinary business success and inspiring philanthropic initiatives. Michael has always been very vocal about his deliberate approach to business and investing. It all started in 1978, when, as a young investment advisor seeking to deliver the highest value add to his clients by making them wealthy, he developed a framework that would guide his principles for life, business and investing. This framework later became known as the 5 Laws of Wealth Creation’ which drive his investment behaviour and are complemented by the 10 traits he seeks out in successful businesses.


Mike’s biggest motivation for becoming an entrepreneur

Putting rejection into perspective

The important question Mike asks himself to ensure he delivers maximum value

The big responsibility that comes with taking on an investor

The five laws of wealth creation

Ten characteristics of wealth-creating businesses

How living your life by frameworks helps you to reap the benefits of compounding

Signs that your business is on the right track

The three elements that must be in place to increase customer happiness and referrals

Understanding that life is not linear

The antidote to giving up and how to hold on through the inevitable dips in life

How to build relationships and rapport with successful people

Audience Q&A – What’s the best way to vet your team as you expand? Not only for their skills but for the attitude which matches the company culture which you’re trying to build?

Audience Q&A – How should you think about building out your board?

Why all of us should have a reputational plan

Audience Q&A – Why does Mike believe autocratic leadership is more effective in building a wealth-creating business?

Mike’s framework for identifying great investment opportunities

Why Mike started an asset management company

Founder Q&A – Narda Ventura, eZeePayments.com (https://ezeepayments.com/) & Member of RevUP Caribbean Cohort #1: How do you see the Caribbean and Latin American FinTech landscape evolving and what are some of the key pillars we should be focusing on as an early-stage market entrant?

The model Mike had in mind when he purchased an interest in the National Commercial Bank

What to think about when building a world-class business in the Caribbean

Founder Q&A – Ferone Bryan (https://minutecarrentals.com/), Minute Car Rentals & Member of RevUP Caribbean Cohort #1: How do you find balance as a young business owner between growing your business and dedicating time to your family?

Why discipline is a necessary element in the pursuit of balance

Founder Q&A – Cordell Williams, Transformational Life Solutions (https://transformationallifesolutions.com/) & President of YEA: How can entrepreneurs continue to create value and grow with clarity and confidence in an ever-changing environment? How can business support organizations like the YEA help entrepreneurs along their journey?

The three most important characteristics of the most successful CEOs

How you can apply Mike’s SEA framework to every aspect of your life

Founder Q&A – Arnaldo Brown, Honey Producer & Member of RevUP Caribbean Cohort #1: How has your experience in the Agricultural Sector been? Are you staying the course?

What it takes to have a successful business in the agricultural sector

Resources & Recommendations

Michael Lee-Chin’s YouTube Video | Life Is Not Linear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YDOtZjkjM4

Michael Lee-Chin on Twitter https://twitter.com/Michael_LeeChin

Michael Lee-Chin on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/michaelleechin/

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