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“We’re not superwomen; we are people who have to make choices every day.” – Sharon Roper

As female founders in the Caribbean, we face unique challenges that can be difficult to navigate. This is where your community comes in.

Having a supportive network of other female entrepreneurs can make all the difference. Today I’m joined by three members of the RevUp family, Sharon Roper, Founder and Managing Director of Sian Associates; Trudy-Ann Fung, Co-Founder of Electroville Limited; and Narda Ventura, CEO of SkyBlue Transaction Solutions. Our guests share their experiences as female founders, and we discuss entrepreneurship, leadership, and the challenges faced by startups.

In this conversation, we discuss common reasons startups fail to deliver positive value to their investors, balancing emotions and data in decision-making, and the challenges of managing a business while also being a mother and wife. The discussion offers insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on how to navigate the challenges of building a successful startup. Enjoy the episode!


The critical elements to coming up with a great idea

Sharon’s motivation for joining an angel investor network and her passion for helping women entrepreneurs

Three main reasons startups may fail to deliver positive value to their investors

The importance of consistently analyzing data to inform business decision-making

The business value of women’s emotional connection
Sharon, Narda, and Trudy’s experiences with resilience in entrepreneurship

What it looks like to anchor yourself in purpose and impact

Imposter Syndrome and how it affects women’s confidence as entrepreneurs

The challenges of being a mother and an entrepreneur tips for finding balance

How women’s spending power and economic impact have shifted over time

Why we need to hold on to confidence in our innate abilities as we go through the entrepreneurial journey

How the founders have evolved and gained confidence over time

Using self-coaching to overcome doubts and lack of belief in oneself

Why you need a supportive network including family, friends, colleagues, and mentors

The importance of trusting your instincts and protecting your space as an entrepreneur

How RevUp Caribbean can support you as a female founder

Resources & Recommendations

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SIAN Associates Website

Trudy-Ann Fung on LinkedIn

Electroville Limited on Instagram @ElectrovilleLimitedJa

Narda Ventura on LinkedIn

EzeePayments Website

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