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One of the most exciting aspects of angel investing is the opportunity for investors to work with young people and disruptive projects with the potential to make a difference in society.

For the final episode of the season, I had the pleasure of being joined by Wayne Sutherland, an angel investor who not only invests in projects with high earning potential but also guides founders to success.

Wayne takes a portfolio approach to investing, based on his experience that one good investment can make up for all the other failures.

As board members, investors provide guidance to founders on corporate governance, financial statements, and compliance with regulations. Regular reporting and meetings are expected to track the business’s progress and identify potential problems or opportunities.

In this conversation, Wayne and I discuss the importance of financial information for businesses and the challenges of managing people, the critical role financial statements play in providing insights, the importance of having a solid plan to achieve financial projections, developing a realistic understanding of your business’s potential, and more.

Enjoy the episode!


The role of an angel investor and how they can benefit founders and their companies

Characteristics of a successful investment

Why trust is crucial in angel investing and how to evaluate trustworthiness

How Wayne approaches assessing valuations and projections

What it means to take a portfolio approach to investing

What founders can expect from their board members in terms of governance, financial statements, compliance, and guidance

The critical importance of understanding financial information

Starting with a sustainable business premise and realistic projections

How RevUp can support entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills in areas such as financial management and strategy

The benefits of the RevUp Caribbean program for entrepreneurs

How to get ready to receive investment

About Wayne Sutherland

Mr. Sutherland is the Managing Director of Jamaica Venture Fund Limited, a company that makes venture capital investments. A former director of Jamaica’s Securities Commission (now the Financial Services Commission), Wayne serves on several boards, and is currently chairman of Kencasa Construction & Project Management Limited and the St.Hugh’s Preparatory School Board.

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