As angel investors, we’ve seen firsthand the issues that can arise when people have great ideas but no idea what it takes to run a successful business.

This podcast, in partnership between RevUP Caribbean and the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Jamaica (YEA), was created to support entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business and to help them to understand what entrepreneurship is, how to navigate all the hurdles that founders inevitably face and to learn from the experiences of people who have gone on this journey, and who have come out on the other side, being very successful.

We’re your hosts, Sandra Glasgow, Managing Director of RevUP Caribbean and Cordell Williams, President of the YEA.

Sandra has dedicated the past 40 years to developing our entrepreneurial ecosystem and created the Caribbean’s first virtual incubator: RevUP Caribbean.

Cordell is a life and business coach, the CEO of Transformational Life Solutions, and the President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to grow personally, professionally and commercially.

Together, we’ll share our experience and give you access to our network of successful entrepreneurs winning right now.

This is From StartUP to ScaleUP.

Are you a Caribbean startup with high growth potential seeking equity to achieve your vision of success? Or are you a small business looking to scale and grow?

At RevUP Caribbean, we know that entrepreneurship is hard and we’re committed to supporting high growth potential startups and scaleups with our virtual incubation programme. Our 5-month programme gives you access to business experts, local and international mentors and a whole lot of perks! We’re looking for you to join our next Cohort. Visit us now at RevUPCaribbean.com to apply and get on the road to success!

The entrepreneurial story is often very lonely. Sometimes you don’t know what steps to take and it can be difficult to access the support you need to succeed.

But you can change your story. When you join the Young Entrepreneurs Association you become part of a family of like-minded people who understand your journey and who will help you to access opportunities to grow and go to the next level. Join the YEA today by visiting our website at YEAJamaica.com.

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