Hear From Our Alumna: Leanne Spence

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Hear From Our Alumna: Leanne Spence

Introducing Leanne Spence: A Catalyst for Business Growth

Meet Leanne Spence, a visionary leader and Director of Instant-Save Conservation Solutions Jamaica Limited. Her passion for innovation and sustainable solutions led her to co-found Instant-Save Conservation Solutions in 2014, where she successfully saved over 60 million liters of water in Jamaica. Leanne’s journey, marked by her investigative spirit and commitment to environmental sustainability, showcases her dedication to creating impactful change. With a Master’s Degree in International Business from The Mona School of Business and Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from The University of the West Indies, Leanne combines her academic expertise with real-world business acumen.

A Journey of Continuous Learning and Expertise

Leanne’s journey extends beyond implementing solutions; it encompasses a dedication to education and awareness. Drawing upon her RevUP experiences, she devised educational programmes aimed at transforming conservation behaviors in workplaces, schools, and homes. Her endeavors aim to sensitize individuals on the critical importance of water security for environmental sustainability and societal well-being, echoing the mentorship she received during her time at RevUP.

Learn more about Leanne’s innovative water conservation solutions here.

Discovering Growth Potential with RevUp Cohort 3

Recently, Leanne participated in RevUP Cohort 3, an empowering programme designed to elevate businesses to new heights. She speaks enthusiastically about the invaluable support received from a diverse cadre of experts spanning various business domains. From operations and marketing to strategic planning and tax guidance, RevUP Cohort 3 provided comprehensive assistance to Leanne and fellow participants. The programme’s emphasis on local and international mentorship was a game-changer, offering guidance from seasoned professionals passionate about business growth and personal development.

Unlock Your Potential with RevUp

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Leanne Spence’s endorsement of RevUP Cohort 3 speaks volumes about the programme’s potential to transform businesses. Sign up for RevUP today and unlock mentorship opportunities that inspire growth and innovation.

Join RevUP’s Incubator Programme today. Apply at revupcarribean.com

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