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Mentor Spotlight: Kimala Bennett


Kimala Bennett, the driving force behind The LAB (The Limners and Bards), has redefined the creative landscape and made notable strides in the financial market. Transitioning from filmmaker to Managing Director of a listed entity on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, her journey epitomizes evolution, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship.

The LAB: Pioneering Creativity and Financial Acclaim

Under Kimala’s guidance, The LAB evolved from The Production Lab into an acclaimed advertising agency listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. Renowned for its precision in delivering high-quality video productions and unwavering creative excellence, The LAB’s holistic approach integrates research, creativity, and execution, distinguishing itself in both creative and financial spheres.

Kimala Bennett’s Positive Impact and Bridging Divides

Kimala’s entrepreneurship extends beyond The LAB. The Business Lab fosters youth entrepreneurship in Jamaica, while ventures like Blue Dot Data Intelligence, Cr8space, and Scope Caribbean demonstrate her innovation commitment. Her global collaborations and film community role signify her influence.

Embrace your entrepreneurial journey or explore innovative creative solutions! Benefit from Kimala Bennett’s trailblazing career and The LAB’s impactful initiatives. Start your mentorship journey now at revupcaribbean.com/startup/

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