Hear From Our Alumnus: Ferone Bryan

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Hear From Our Alumnus: Ferone Bryan

Innovating Mobility for Everyone
Vision in Action: Minute Rentals Unveiled

Minute Rentals isn’t your typical car rental service. It’s a smart and easy way to share wheels with others. Ferone Bryan’s idea is all about making car rentals simple for everyone. From his time at RevUP Caribbean, where he honed his skills, to creating Minute Rentals, Ferone’s dedication to making transportation easier shines through.

RevUP Success: Ferone Bryan’s Journey

Ferone Bryan’s story inspires us all. It shows that with passion and support, you can turn your ideas into reality. Minute Rentals isn’t just a business; it’s proof that big changes can start with small, innovative ideas. Join us in celebrating Ferone’s journey and let it be a spark for your own entrepreneurial dreams. Together, let’s drive towards a more accessible and innovative future.

Watch the video below to See Ferone’s Story
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