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Mentor Spotlight: Yaneek Page


Yaneek Page, an accomplished entrepreneur, is dedicated to assisting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in penetrating the US market. Her extensive experience as an international business trainer, writer, and coach spans across continents, from Trinidad & Tobago to Tanzania, encompassing over 70 countries. Noteworthy for her creations like ‘The Innovators TV Series’ and ‘Let’s Make Peace TV Show,’ Yaneek is committed to fostering innovation while advocating for societal harmony. Her altruistic efforts extend through the Future Services Foundation, focusing on expanding economic and social justice access within communities.

Empowering SMEs for Global Reach

Yaneek Page stands as a guiding force for SMEs aspiring to enter the competitive US market. Her expertise and global insights offer valuable mentorship, aiding businesses in navigating international complexities. Leading Market Entry USA and with extensive training experience, Yaneek emphasizes sustainable growth and ethical practices, transcending mere profit-focused strategies.

Join the Success Journey

Entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their businesses can leverage Yaneek Page’s platform, RevUPCaribbean. Through mentorship and a robust resource network, RevUPCaribbean offers startups a path to thrive globally. Yaneek’s mission-oriented approach fosters innovation and sustainable growth.

Apply now at revupcaribbean.com/startup/ to embark on a mentorship journey and redefine your business’s trajectory with #RevUPCaribbean #StartupSuccess.

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