Rhonda Buchanan's  Journey with RevUP Cohort 4

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Rhonda Buchanan’s  Journey with RevUP Cohort 4

Meet Rhonda Buchanan, the driving force behind Regal Farms, as she joins Cohort 4 of RevUP Caribbean. With gratitude in her heart and determination in her spirit, Rhonda sets out on a mission to ensure the sustainability of her farm through invaluable learnings and networking opportunities.

Expressing her elation at being selected for RevUP Caribbean, Rhonda shares her goals of networking and learning essential business strategies. Eager to absorb every piece of advice from the mentorship program, Rhonda recognizes the potential for these insights to shape the future of Regal Farms.

Rhonda’s experience resonates with many in Cohort 4, including Dana, who praises the programme’s AI inclusive stretegies and dedicated team. Together, they represent a new wave of Caribbean entrepreneurship, driven by passion, opportunity, and the desire for growth.

RevUP Caribbean serves as a beacon of hope for Rhonda and her peers, providing a platform for learning, networking, and transformative change. As they navigate the months ahead, one thing is clear: their journey with RevUP Caribbean will be one of innovation and empowerment.

For more information on the RevUP Caribbean Incubator Programme, visit www.revupcaribbean.com.

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